What to Do When Your Xbox One Keeps Powering Down

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What to Do When Your Xbox One Keeps Powering Down

My Xbox One has been with me for three years, and I've never had any problems until recently when some friends came over to play a game. My console s

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My Xbox One has been with me for three years, and I’ve never had any problems until recently when some friends came over to play a game.

My console suddenly stopped working while we were playing FIFA 21.

After waiting a while, we turned the console on again. However, it stopped working again after 20 minutes.

My colleague looked at it and suggested that the Xbox had been placed in an enclosed area on my TV cabinet.

We took the console out, placed it next to the TV, and then waited for the cooling process to complete before resetting the device.

Yes, it fixed my problem with my console. But, during the process, other issues could have been causing the same issue.

Keep your Xbox One in an excellent place to prevent it from overheating. Also, check the power supply and outlet for any problems.

Other solutions can also be applied to prevent your Xbox from intermittently turning off.

Verify that your Xbox One is not overheating

Checking if your Xbox One is overheating is the first step in diagnosing why it keeps turning off.

This is most common in consoles in closed spaces such as TV cabinets or enclosed spaces.

Your console may feel hot to the touch when it turns off itself.

Newer electronics include failsafe protocols that will shut down the system in the event of an overheating condition or other issues that could cause it to malfunction.

This can be avoided by placing your console in an open area and keeping the surrounding environment clean. Dust can also block the fans or other cooling equipment on your Xbox One.

However, the console might still turn off even after being placed in a well-ventilated location. This could indicate that there is a different problem that is causing it to shut down prematurely.

Power Cycle your Xbox One Console

Restarting the console and draining any excess power can resolve specific problems. This is called a power cycle.

Turn off the console, and then remove all cables. Next, hold down the power button while the console is off. This will drain any remaining power.

Wait for approximately 2-5 minutes before plugging in your cables. Then, turn on the console.

Wait for your device to reach the home screen before you turn on your controller.

If your device is not working after a power cycle, you can move on to the next step.

Make sure you have a working power supply.

Verifying that the Xbox has an external power supply because it uses it is easier.

To verify that the power supply is compatible with other Xbox Ones, you can either check it or take it to a nearby electronics shop or gaming center.

If your power supply is not working, you may need to purchase a new, officially supported, or first-party collection.

You can continue reading for other solutions if the problem differs from the power supply.

Make sure to check for software updates.

A second problem, although rare, is the possibility that your system needs to be updated correctly.

Although it won’t cause your system to turn off in most cases, it can happen in certain instances.

It is easy to update your device via the internet or offline.

Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Via Offline Update

You will need to do the following prior you can perform an offline update:

Laptop or PC connected to the Internet.

A flash drive that has at least 8GB storage. (NTFS Format)

Save the OSU1 file required to update it and then transfer it to your flash drive.

After downloading the update.zip file, extract and transfer the $SystemUpdate file onto your flash drive.

Ensure that there are no other files on your flash drive during this process.

We can now update the Xbox.

Open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter first. This is how you do it:

Turn off the console and unplug the cable for 30 seconds.

Plug the cable in again and hold down the ‘Pair” button on the controller and the ‘Eject’ button on the console for approximately 15 seconds.

Two tones should sound similar to the powerup sound. After the second tone, release the buttons.

It would help if you now opened the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. There you will be able to perform an “Offline System Update.”

Connect your USB drive to the computer and then run the update file. The update file should be completed on your Xbox One within a few minutes.

Online Update

To update your console online, turn it on and then press the Xbox button from the menu.

Select ‘Settings” from the ‘Profile & System screen.

Navigate to “System,” click on “Updates & downloads,” and then select “Update Console.”

If your device is joined to the Internet, it will automatically begin downloading the latest updates.

To automatically update your console whenever updates become available, ensure you return to Updates & Downloads before leaving.

Try another power outlet.

Your system could also shut down due to power outages. There are many reasons this can happen.

You might find that the power outlet needs to be fixed or provide enough power to allow your console to continue functioning.

Switch to another outlet and check if that solves the problem. In mosonlyasessome should, but it may not in all cases.

You can contact your local electrician to have your outlet problems checked and solved.

Clear some Persistent Storage

Your Xbox One could constantly be turning off because of unneeded storage.

This data is known as persistent data within Xbox. It generally includes cache data that allows apps and games to run smoothly.

It can become a problem if too much cache data are stored.

These steps will help you to clear this data.

When you are on the Home screen, click the Xbox button on the controller.

Click on ‘Settings” from the ‘Profile & System screen.

Click on “Devices and Connections” and then click on “Bluray.”

Select “Persistent storage” and then click on “Clear persistent storage”.

This is it. Restart your Xbox One, and all persistent and cache data should be deleted.

Modify your settings and disable the automatic turn-off

If the above steps don’t work, you can check your system settings and see if your console will automatically power off.

Press the Xbox button and from the ‘Profile & System’ screen, navigate to ‘Settings’>>’ General’>>’Power Mode & Startup.’

Click on the options button and choose ‘Turn Off After’ to check if an auto-off timer has been set.

Select the “Don’t turn on automatically” setting to prevent your system’s unexpected shutdown.

Perform a system reset of your One console

A system reset could be a solution for you.

To do this, click the Xbox button on your controller, and from the ‘Profile & System’ screen, go to ‘Settings’>>’System’>>’Console Info.’

You will be presented with two options to reset the console.

Try the first option, ‘Reset and Keep My Games & Apps.’ This option will restore your system to its default settings while preserving your app’s data.

If you still have the same problem after the reset, you may need to “Reset and Remove Everything” from your device.

It could be corrupted app or game files that are causing the problem.

It is best to wait until the reset completes.

After the reset, you can verify that everything is working correctly.