Golf Is A Funny Game


Golf Is A Funny Game

  Golf is an excellent game that helps you grow as a person. Mental skills for golf can be learned easily with golf hypnosis. Every golfer k

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Golf is an excellent game that helps you grow as a person. Mental skills for golf can be learned easily with golf hypnosis. Every golfer knows that mind golf training is essential to success in this game.

I chatted with Fred Greene of Golf Smarter the other day and realized how often we laughed during our conversation. There are so many things that make us laugh, and I just too realize that my jaw got a great job!

We’re both passionate about golf, and we’ve both found our ways to shape the marriage between our passions and our jobs. Golf makes me smile a lot and I can say it’s not the same for Fred.

What is Fun About Golf?

There are many aspects of golf that I really like. It’s a friendly game and a great way to meet new people. My home is on Human Island; although I was lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in California (although quite a commute!). It was a guy (an avid golfer) living in Edinburgh, Scotland, which put me in touch with Fred who also lives in California. There are very few games that bring together people from all over the world in such an easy and convenient way.

Part of what makes it easy to get to know someone is a shared passion for the game while another part is the amount of time it takes to play golf along with the gentle pace of play. A further aspect is the fact that you can be of almost any age or fitness level and still be able to play golf. And then of course your achievement level doesn’t affect other people’s games you play with. Golf is quite unique in the combination of these facts.

Golf Course Games

Cricket is another game that gives you plenty of time to get to know your fellow spectators, as one man pointed out yesterday. This provides a great “networking opportunity” when you bond over your mutual passions. But you can’t play cricket on your own and your skill level will affect the overall game. Tennis takes too much energy to leave much time for pleasantries and you again can’t play alone. Can you think of any sport that provides an equal chance of “hooking up” that golf does?

Apart from the friends you can make through golf, there are many other things that make it a really special game. I have already mentioned that you can play it alone or with other people and the skill level is not a problem. However, what is much bigger is what golf teaches you as a person.

I played yesterday with a friend who went through the comments about how much his temper has changed since he started playing golf, both on and off the course. He is now calmer and more person; he was always determined. Golf teaches you the mental skills needed in life in general because it gives you immediate and dramatic feedback on your thoughts and actions. As you learn to control your emotions and direct your focus more precisely, these skills can then be put to good use in every area of ​​your life.

Cause and effect is especially evident in golf, as your mind controls your arms and then the club and finally the ball. Hence, the impact of your thoughts is illuminated; You can see very clearly what requires a little work or practice. As your control over the golf ball increases, you will definitely grow as a person.