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Trouble Maker (1995)

1995-04-01 NA HD



Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker Gratis Kijken A meek, middle-aged schoolteacher is put in charge of a class of trouble makers. Unable to withstand the torments they put him through, he runs away to a Shaolin temple. At the temple, he studies martial arts under the guidance of an old master. With his new skills, he returns to school and whips his misbehaving students into shape.

  • Release: 1995-04-01
  • Rating: 6
  • Production: Yen Ping Films Production Pte Ltd. /
  • Genre: ComedyDramaAction

Movie Director & Crew Behind Trouble Maker

  • Chu Yen-ping
  • Cheng Kuo
  • Chen Jung-Shu
    Director of Photography
  • Chen Po-Wen

Datum van publicatie:
TW 1995-04-01

Movie Budget:

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Trouble Maker – Met in de hoofdrol

Trouble Maker

Hao Shao-Wen
Siu Sang
Trouble Maker

Ng Man-Tat
Daat Suk
Trouble Maker

Takeshi Kaneshiro
A Miu
Trouble Maker

Athena Chu

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