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Of Miracles and Men (2015)

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Of Miracles and Men

Of Miracles and Men Gratis Kijken The story of one of the greatest upsets in sports history has been told. Or has it? On a Friday evening in Lake Placid, New York, a plucky band of American collegians stunned the vaunted Soviet national team, 4-3 in the medal round of the 1980 Winter Olympic hockey competition. Americans couldn’t help but believe in miracles that night, and when the members of Team USA won the gold medal two days later, they became a team for the ages.In the 30 for 30 film “Of Miracles and Men,” director Jonathan Hock (“The Best That Never Was” and “Survive and Advance”) explores the scope of the “Miracle on Ice” through the Soviet lens. His intense focus on the game itself gives it renewed suspense and a fresh perspective. But the journey of the stunned Soviet team didn’t begin — or end — in Lake Placid.

  • Release: 2015-02-08
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Production: ESPN /
  • Genre: Documentary

Movie Director & Crew Behind Of Miracles and Men

  • Jonathan Hock

Datum van publicatie:
US 2015-02-08

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https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Of Miracles and Men

Of Miracles and Men – Met in de hoofdrol

Of Miracles and Men

Jeff Daniels

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