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Kitty Kornered (1946)

1946-06-08 NA HD



Kitty Kornered

Kitty Kornered Gratis Kijken Porky puts his cats out in the snow, but then they put him out and have a party. Expelling them again, Porky goes to bed, only to be terrorized by the felines’ mock Martian invasion.

  • Release: 1946-06-08
  • Rating: 6.8
  • Production: Warner Bros. Pictures /
  • Genre: AnimationComedy

Movie Director & Crew Behind Kitty Kornered

  • Bob Clampett
  • Bob Clampett
  • Edward Selzer
  • Carl W. Stalling
    Original Music Composer

Datum van publicatie:
US 1946-06-08

Movie Budget:

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Kitty Kornered – Met in de hoofdrol

Kitty Kornered

Mel Blanc
Porky Pig / Sylvester / Small Cat / Tiny Cat / Drunk Cat / Goldfish Wife / Moose / Narrator (voice)

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